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Savouring the Rich and Juicy Flavours of European Beef from Spain in Saudi Cuisine!

Savouring the Rich and Juicy Flavours of European Beef from Spain in Saudi Cuisine!

Friday, March 31, 2023/ Editor -  


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It is expected that the great commitment to the production of a high-quality product will make European beef from Spain one of the most sought-after ingredients in KSA.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 31, March 2023:  European beef from Spain is making waves in the international culinary scene with its exceptional quality and unique flavor. Little by little, it is used in the Saudi cuisine. Appreciated by locals who have already had the opportunity to try it, the European beef from Spain adds a new dimension to the already varied range of flavors present in traditional and innovative recipes.

The beef from Europe is produced according to strict European Union regulations governing animal health and nutrition, animal welfare, sustainability, environmental protection, traceability, and food safety, ensures that the highest international standards and specifications are met and maintained. Thanks to this, the product is unique and differs from other meats in the world for its high juiciness and tenderness, and excellent flavor. 

Saudi cuisine is renowned for its rich and diverse flavors, and European beef from Spain could enrich it even more thanks to its exceptional taste.
To showcase the versatility of European beef from Spain in Saudi traditional cuisine, can be achieved by highlighting a classic Saudi dish that is elevated by the Spanish beef’s exceptional qualities. The tenderness and juiciness of the product can enhance the flavor and texture of traditional beef Saudi dishes such as Kabsa, Jareesh, and Mathbi. Whether served in large chunks or finely chopped, it adds a unique and versatile flavor to traditional and innovative recipes alike.

By incorporating European Spanish beef, chefs can add a unique twist to traditional recipes while maintaining the integrity of Saudi cuisine. With its exceptional quality and taste, European beef from Spain is sure to leave a lasting impression on the local food scene. It’s worth noting that the beef produced in the European Union is free of hormones and sustainably raised to enhance food security both within and outside the EU. Furthermore, Europe has adapted its production to halal practices, making it a perfect fit for the Saudi market. 

This product is in perfect harmony with KSA’s goal of setting a high standard for innovation and culinary excellence. 

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