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Whitewater to supply never-seen-before attractions to Aquarabia Qiddiya City

Whitewater to supply never-seen-before attractions to Aquarabia Qiddiya City

Tuesday, May 7, 2024/ Editor -  


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Riyadh: WhiteWater is delighted to announce their collaboration with Aquarabia Qiddiya City, a groundbreaking water theme park in Saudi Arabia, to bring a unique aquatic experience to life. WhiteWater will be designing and delivering 22 exhilarating rides and attractions including some record-breaking and signature experiences.

Slide enthusiasts will enjoy the heart pumping rides while the families get to experience some of their favorite slides and kids' activities with a twist. One of the standout areas of the park for the entire family to play together, features a FusionFortress 18. This structure is known for its ground-level interactives so children with limited mobility can still explore and engage with the toys spraying their siblings with jets, turning wheels to set off various reactions on the structure, and, most importantly, sharing in the fun. The first play structure of this scale in the world, the FusionFortress 18 boasts a staggering 181 interactive play features, 11 diverse water slides, two tipping buckets, and a water geyser spraying nearly 30 meters (100 feet) into the air. Covered in hand-carved desert animals and vibrant geometric patterns to engage the imagination, the FusionFortress 18 is an accessible attraction that is designed to create hours of entertainment without long wait times.

The park will feature many attractions not yet seen before in the Middle East, including a Mat Blaster water slide where guests will ride headfirst on a series of gravity-defying blasts and an AquaLoop + Flatline Loop Fusion, merging two of the world's most heart pumping drop slides together into one slidepath. Both attractions will be in the center of the park at the iconic Camel Rock.

Mike Rigby, GM & RVP, Middle East at WhiteWater, said, 'We are deeply honored to be a partner of the groundbreaking Aquarabia Qiddiya City and eager to bring our innovative water slides, attractions, and experiences to this remarkable destination in Saudi Arabia.'

Some dry fun was also accounted for to ensure every visitor at the water theme park is enjoying their time, setting a new standard in the industry:

  • Hyper Viper (also known as 'Shoot the Chute'): guests will have the high-thrill experience of a 15-meter drop before creating the industry's biggest splash, soaking both riders and enthusiastic spectators. Unseen before now, WhiteWater's Water Rides team has introduced unique lighting and spray features, enhancing the traditional Shoot the Chute experience.
  • Wadi Tahaddi (also known as 'Spinning Rapids'): groups of six embark on a circular raft, delivering a heart-pounding adventure suitable for the entire family. As riders spiral down the over 600-meter-long ride, they experience intense centrifugal forces across a ride path of river trough elements combined with water slide fiberglass sections.

Kelly Sall, General Manager of Water Rides at WhiteWater, states, 'At WhiteWater, our commitment to create water rides that entertain diverse audiences is integral to our mission. We believe that these attractions should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or attire. Our Shoot the Chute and Spinning Rapids Ride exemplify this commitment, offering unforgettable experiences that bring people together, fostering unity and fun for all who visit this Water Theme Park.'

Aquarabia is also set to make waves, quite literally, with the first inland surf pool in Saudi Arabia. Powered by Endless Surf technology, the pool will deliver the most authentic surf experience outside of the ocean with its limitless wave customization potential and surf zones to accommodate surfers of all skill levels. The revolutionary technology allows waves to be produced every 8-16+ seconds with custom waves delivered to match the abilities of those in the pool using Endless Surf's proprietary Swell Studio software. This flexibility ensures that multiple surfers can enjoy the pool simultaneously, accommodating beginners near the Shore and advanced surfers testing new tricks on a variety of waves peeling from the Peak—together in one session.

'Surfing is a rapidly expanding global sport, and we're excited to introduce it to the people of Saudi,' commented Paul Chutter, President of Endless Surf. 'Our state-of-the-art technology is poised to empower surfers to push the boundaries of their skills, offering a showcase for spectators as they watch riders conquer waves from the proximity of the pool's shoreline. This development is expected to substantially enhance Qiddiya's capacity to grow the sport of surfing, while hosting surf competitions in the future, solidifying their position as industry trailblazers in this space.'

WhiteWater is revolutionizing the global attractions landscape, redefining the very essence of 'iconic.' WhiteWater's unmatched scale, design prowess, and extensive expertise position it uniquely to bring to life the world's most extensive and ambitious projects, as demonstrated by this venture. With approximately 1,692 meters of slide path already installed within the water theme park, anticipation steadily mounts as the world eagerly awaits the grand unveiling of this unique water theme park to the world.

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